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In 2009 the Vaillancourt Folk Art mould dealer, in purchasing the complete mould collection of an old chocolate shop, found, in a remote corner of the shop, an untouched box of French LeTang Fils moulds—moulds that were never used and long forgotten. One of these mould styles was a collection of six, each of them matching at 12” tall. In addition, another collection of seven matched moulds were found, each being 11.5″ tall—used in a different design.

Judi purchased both collections and had made them special editions that she had hand paints herself and made to sell with the actual mould. The 12-inch piece (VFA Nr. 2010-44) was hand painted by Judi with great attention to detail and is available as a limited edition of 6 pieces. As of July 30th, there are two pieces available—one of which is available for immediate delivery.

Not only is the mould a very special antique, but also because it was never used makes it a rarity. Paired with Judi’s original chalkware piece, this is a limited edition collection that is perfect for the serious or casual collector. This limited edition piece comes in a collector’s box and includes documentation: an antique mould catalog.

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