Known around the country for Christmas, Vaillancourt Folk Art has always been proactive when it came to the Fall season, especially for Halloween. After the Gallery’s Fall Opening with the Hallow Wine and Chocolate Pairing, Vaillancourt Folk Art is happy to be open for the Fall season having brought in some incredible non-Vaillancourt product for this Halloween—including a K&K Jewelry line, spooky Whimsical Whittler woodcarvings, and much more! In addition to decorations and other product, Judi Vaillancourt has unveiled some new Halloween pieces for the season (Halloween Santa with Silhouettes and Grinning Jack) including several one-of-a-kind Halloween pieces designed for the Ghoultide Gathering event in Michigan! For those looking to get into the Halloween spirit early, visit the gallery which is decorated with the hallowed spirit in mind. The Gallery is open seven days a week, please join us for the Fall season!