Gingerbread Tree at the Beechwood Hotel in Worcester

For years, Vaillancourt Folk Art’s in-store decorative themes have been an inspiration for anyone looking to deck their own homes out for the season. One of the most important factors that have kept Vaillancourt Folk Art in business is their local roots. Since 1984, Sutton has been the home to the studio, retail gallery, and museum, and during this time Vaillancourt has always believed in supporting other local businesses whenever they can. This year, Vaillancourt Folk Art has teamed up with the Beechwood Hotel and Ceres Bistro—known for their quality and attention to detail in the local hospitality industry. In addition to cross-promotions (each offering incentives to try the other when shopping/eating), the Beechwood Hotel has asked Vaillancourt Folk Art to decorate their tree lobby. To correspond with the hotel’s Gingerbread programming, Judi Vaillancourt and Retail Decorator, Bette Keene, decided to decorate the tree using gingerbread ornaments, peppermint details, along with the small details that Vaillancourt is known for. When in Worcester, be sure to visit the Beechwood Hotel and see the lobby come alive.