During Premier Number Weekend (March 4th – 6th) Vaillancourt Folk Art will be introducing the newest chalkware pieces for the 2011 line. Premier Number Weekend is the perfect opportunity for collectors to purchase the lowest production numbers (including studio editions) of each style. Priority goes to the first customers at the Vaillancourt gallery. Those who purchase the new pieces on-line or over the phone, and specifically request to wait for low numbers, will get priority once in-store customers have been fulfilled.


It is no secret that Christmas chalkware is what Vaillancourt Folk Art is most known for. But since the beginning, Spring has been a close second. There is a certain level of intricacy that is involved in designing the Spring chalkware rabbits and animals. For 2011, Vaillancourt Folk Art is very happy to introduce some highly anticipated pieces. The Bunny Band (consisting of a Bunny with Accordion, Bunny With Banjo, Bunny With Drum, Bunny with Sax, and Bunny with Violin) will please anyone, with the bunnies dressed in their performance suits. The limited edition Bunny in Vintage Car is a miniature piece with the nostalgic feel from anyone who once owned a woodie car. The School Master bunny is perfect for another pursuing knowledge and excellence through disciplined learning, while anyone with man’s best friend would instantly love the Dog Cart—a dog pulling a cart of metal milk jugs. The Country Bunny, first introduced in limited quantity in 2010, is a great piece completed with a true country look and feel of a matte wax finish. Looking for a cute chicken this Spring? The Chick in Bonnet is a 3″ tall piece with unbelievable detail as it emerges from it’s shell with a bonnet and bow. And for those who don’t want to deviate from Santa regardless the season, the second Irish Santa has arrived in time for St. Patrick’s day.

Whether you are seeking the low numbers or just want to add some Spring to your home’s decorations, the 2011 Spring chalkware pieces are sure to please.