Shillelagh Irish Santa

Kiss me, I’m Irish. Because a majority of the confectionary moulds available today were made in Europe during the late 1800s and early 1900s, it is nearly impossible to find moulds that were specifically created to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. That is why Judi has had to be creative in designing chalkware pieces that would make even the Blarney Stone proud. February’s Twelve Months of Christmas is the limited edition Shillelagh Irish Santa (12032). Order today to have it delivered in time for the celebrations.

Even with a collection of over 3,000 antique chocolate, ice cream, and barley candy moulds, it is not uncommon to see Judi in her studio using a knife to carve a poured piece to change it’s shape; this is true with the Shillelagh Irish Santa. Carving out the sack once over the Santa’s shoulders off and moulding new hands, this Irish Santa is gripping the hand-made Shillelagh (a walking stick made popular within Irish folklore) in one hand and an antique, green glimmer tree in his other.

In 2007, O’Vaillancourt was first introduced in what has now become a dynamic Irish series (with The Dublin Boys rabbits replacing a Santa in 2008). The Shamrock SantaTiny Celtic Santa, and Irish Santa have come to proudly incorporate greens, shamrocks and other images important to the Irish traditions and heritage.

The Irish Santa isn’t just created for those whose blood may be green, its sharp details and hand carved nature has landed this piece to be a highly anticipated collector’s item for those who love Christmas or even those looking to decorate for the Spring. Because of the amount of work required to create each piece (from hand sculpting to creating the shillelagh) this piece is a limited edition of 55 pieces.

Twelve Months of Christmas

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