Santa in Red and GreenThe Classic European Santa! It is easy to tell the difference between a modern American Santa and an old world European Santa. The slender figure and pointed hat of this Santa gives it away. First introduced as a prototype for Garnet Hill, this European Santa has been introduced into the Vaillancourt line because of the great color, detail, and embellishments. With a green coat with detail betweens bands of color, holly and more, this Santa is holding a green glittered antique bottle brush tree. Whether it reminds you of your family traditions of past or simply because of his beautiful shape and color, this old world Santa will surely bring a classic touch of style to any holiday display.

Twelve Months of Christmas

The Twelve Months of Christmas is a program made available to eNewsletter subscribers. Each month of the year, celebrate the spirit of Christmas with an introduction to one of the year’s newest chalkware pieces.