Thanksgiving, a holiday celebrated mostly in Canada and the United States, originated in a religious manner to give thanks for the harvest during difficult times, it is today recognized as a time celebrated in as a secular manner with family and friends to get together as a way to express gratitude.

Thanksgiving Chalkware

While most of the vintage confectionery and chocolate molds that Vaillancourt Folk Art uses to create it’s chalkware come from Eastern Europe descent, there are not many “Thanksgiving” shapes known. A lot of the recognized figures and shapes from chocolate molds were created in the American mold makers or even as contemporary companies have produced contemporary moulds. Vaillancourt Folk Art, however, has a small collection of symbols most recognized for the Thanksgiving holiday, turkeys, pumpkins, and Pilgrims. These pieces, often modified in design, have been painted and designed by Judi to embody the true Autumn feel that helps give Thanksgiving it’s nostalgic feeling.

Decorating for Thanksgiving

Small Turkey (VFA Nr. 9662)

It is easy to get into the excitement of decorating for Halloween—the nostalgia of your childhood when you’d dress up for candy, or as an adult going to friends’ Halloween party—especially when it is the first holiday to kick off the Fall season! But just as quickly as Halloween comes and goes, we often think about decorating for Christmas as soon as the Jack-O-Lanterns are taken down.

While we at Vaillancourt Folk Art enjoy bringing out the Christmas decorations as early as possible, we always are anxious to tuck away the beautiful Halloween decorations while we prepare for Thanksgiving.

Our non-Halloween Fall Chalkware pieces have the delicate detail of autumn and non-intrusive decorative features that bring out the feeling of autumn. Whether a traditional pumpkin or turkey, a festive Pilgrim, or a glitzy silver leafed Turkey, these Fall pieces are the perfect touch to either your dining room table place settings for dinner, or for touches of details around your house for when family or friends comes to visit.

Fall is a very quick season to pass in New England, so while we are anxious for Christmas to come as soon as possible, we take pride in some of the delicate touches that Fall Chalkware can bring to any room during the autumn.