Statement Chalkware with matching mould

StatementThere are some big pieces in our collection. As mentioned in our history of chocolate moulds, the old villages of Europe, where chocolate shoppes were common, the shoppe owners had to be creative to compete with other shoppes. To do so, they would often have large statement pieces of chocolate on display in the front window for each holiday.

These pieces, some as taller than 24″, would be displayed with prominence. Unfortunately, the cost of such chocolate would be prohibitive so the chocolatiers would melt it down to re-cast a new shape for the following season.

Many of our statement pieces are difficult for us to keep in stock as they take a lot of time to pour, paint, finish, and sign. If you are interested in seeing what we have for statement pieces, head to our online gallery. In many cases, pieces not in stock can be ordered with a several month turn around!