Historic Vaillancourt Chalkware available from the museum vaultFather Christmas Rocker Little FootThe museum vault has been updated with some “new” pieces that have recently been discovered while decorating for our Christmas opening.

It’s amazing to see the progression that Vaillancourt chalkware has undergone throughout the 30 years that we’ve been making Christmas. In the early days, the pieces used a simplified palette and underwent an aging process that resulted in a “crackle” finish. Over time, the pieces have evolved into a true fine art product with detail rivaling that of traditional artwork. And, while we aren’t able to go back, we are happy to be able to offer a glimpse into the past with vault pieces like this.

Whether you are collecting the historic pieces from past or simply like to look at the evolution, the museum vault collection offers a snapshot of Vaillancourt during the 1980s.