It’s hard to tell when a tradition begins…™

The Vaillancourt Tradition

We believe in quality. We believe in tradition. As we celebrate #35Traditions, we understand the value of creating traditions intended to be passed down for generations. As a family-ownedAmerican small business, we thrive on the reaction, appreciation, and the expectations of collectors from around the world. Vaillancourt Chalkware is the highest quality fine art Christmas collectible in the country. Hand-painted in our Sutton, MA studios our family has a passion for history, antiques, and Christmas; it is no wonder why our company, with our Chalkware Santas (and other holiday chalkware), is a great place to begin, or continue, your family’s Christmas tradition.

The 2023 Chalkware Collection

The 2023 St. Valentine Santa (SWAK)

The Celtic Triquetra Knot Irish Santa