Vaillancourt Christkindlesmarkt & Artisan Show 2020 – Part 2

Friday, November 20, 2020 - Saturday, November 21, 2020

Celebrate the season with a traditional German Christmas Market in the quintessential New England town of Sutton!

Tickets will be released later this summer for both weekends. The first event will take place Friday, November 13, 2020 & Saturday, November 14, 2020

Coming off of a successful inaugural year last year, we’re pleased to continue the tradition of Sutton’s Christkindlesmarkt & Artisan Show where we feature the industries most respected and detailed artists.

For 2020, the Christmas market will happen over two weekends to help minimize large crowds and provide a more pleasant experience for those in attendance.

When Vaillancourt Folk Art first began their business, it was through exhibiting at Artisan shows around the country. This Christkindlesmarkt & Artisan Show is a tip of the hat to our formidable years, while being able to offer some of the highest quality American Artists within a space decorated to resemble the German Christmas markets. While the Vaillancourt Retail Gallery will import exceptionally high quality German products, the main event is the Artisan Retail Stalls, built to house some of America’s finest craftspeople, including:

D.R. Dimes has been making museum quality furniture for over 55 years.  Douglas P. Dimes, a fourth generation chair maker, has owned the company since 2010.  He was the youngest furniture maker to have pieces approved by the reproductions program at Colonial Williamsburg 1993.  It was his vision and drive that won the contract to reproduce all the furniture in the United States Senate for the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate.  Like many he was forced to downsize but has gone back to his roots and built a small shop in which he personally makes each Windsor chair himself.  Same name, same family, same quality of design and execution.

Pamela Dalton has been perfecting the craft of Scherenschnitte ever since discovering the craft in Europe many years ago. What began as a hobby eventually evolved into a full time career. Now, decades later, collectors world wide enjoy her intricate paper creations. In addition, her work has illustrated numerous children’s books. This includes “Brother Sun, Sister Moon” chosen by the New York Times as one of the ten most beautifully illustrated children’s books of 2011.

Cut from a single piece of paper , her compositions incorporate traditional themes from the early 19th century . Nautical and patriotic images, scenes from rural life, as well as Biblical passages are favorites.

As seen in the tradition of papercuts from the Pennsylvania German region, many pieces are illuminated with color. Others remain unpainted, although they are “antiqued” to replicate the look of 19th century paper.

Her work can be found in numerous galleries and museum shops and is available at select artisan events.
Pamela has lived in the village of Harlemville, New York, for nearly 40 years, a “town with more cows than people.”She operates a studio near her home, accompanied by two butterscotch tomcats.

Stenciled Floorcloths by Michele

Hollis, New Hampshire

Michele Hollick has been stenciling for more than 30 years. What started as a simple “kitchen table” hobby, blossomed into a full time business for her. She started making floorcloths when she became interested in Colonial-era furnishings and accessories. Michele has the distinction of being a Certified Stenciler through the International Group Stencil Artisans League, Inc. Less than 100 people world-wide have passes this difficult test. Some of her best classes have been at the annual Stencil Artisans League Convention, the Stencil Decorative Artists Guild Convention, Sanborn Mills Farm, the League of NH Sandwich Gallery, as well as various shops throughout the Northeast.

Will Moses

Eagle Bridge, New York

As a fourth generation member of the renowned Moses family, painting is a natural tradition for Will, who began painting when he was four years old. Encouraged by his grandfather, a well-known folk painter in his own right, young Will was allowed to experiment freely with paints. Forrest K. Moses was totally committed to self-expression and passed this freedom of spirit along to his young grandson. Stimulated by his grandfather’s confident approach, Will developed his own unique style of Americana. Today, Will continues to carry on the family tradition. Although his style is reminiscent of that of his celebrated great-grandmother, it is more complex and sophisticated.

In addition to the Artisan Retail Stalls, Vaillancourt’s production studio will be transformed to an intimate indoor marketplace vendors showing their Christmas spirit; the parking lot will host the Food & Beverage Pavilion, decorated with live Christmas trees while the smells of German Sausages mingles through the air with traditional German pastries—Apfelstrudel, Peffernuesse, Baumkuchen, Spekulatius, Hazelnut Corners, and Schupfnudeln. In addition to food available for sale, a cash bar will offer a selection of fine Christmas beers, wine, and German imported glühwein—limited quantities of the glühwein collector’s mug will be available to Friday’s VIP admission!

Fraulein’s Bakery will be returning for a second year with authentic German baked goods and organic European pastries, cookies, and cakes—including Apfelstrudel, Peffernuesse, Baumkuchen, Spekulatius, Hazelnut Corners, and Schupfnudeln.

The Queen's Cups

Worcester, MA

The Queen’s Cups is a gourmet cupcake shop located in Worcester, MA offering handcrafted, fresh-from-scratch desserts, cakes and other delicious treats. During the Christmas market, The Queen’s Cups focuses on great treats that make great gifts and on-site eats. Including, gingerbread cookies and more desserts fit for the holiday season.

Stillman Quality Meats is a diversified livestock farm specializing in grass-fed and pasture raised meats and poultry. Situated in the picturesque town of Hardwick, MA our farm raises premium beef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey and specialty waterfowl.

    Enjoy a cash bar throughout the event where piping hot glühwein, imported directly from Nurgneberg Germany, is served in collectors mugs. In addition, a fine selection of Christmas beer and wine is served alongside a hot chocolate and bottled water that is to be enjoyed in the outdoor Food & Beverage Pavilion.

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    Friday, November 20, 2020 - Saturday, November 21, 2020
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