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Halloween Opening

Known around the country for Christmas, Vaillancourt Folk Art has always been proactive when it came to the Fall season, especially for Halloween. After the Gallery's Fall Opening with the Hallow Wine and Chocolate Pairing, Vaillancourt Folk Art is happy to be open for the READ MORE »


Halloween One of a Kinds

In preparation for Ghoultide Gathering in Michigan this October, Judi has been busy expanding her one of a kind Halloween pieces. On her desk today is a new piece of a modified Father Christmas holding a pumpkin. In the background you can see a witch READ MORE »

Thanksgiving Decorations

History Thanksgiving, a holiday celebrated mostly in Canada and the United States, originated in a religious manner to give thanks for the harvest during difficult times, it is today recognized as a time celebrated in as a secular manner with family and friends to get READ MORE »

Bruce Elsass


History Halloween is largely a secular celebration that stems from the Celtic festival of Samhain and the Christian All Saints' Day holiday. Often associated with trick-or-treating, costumes and horror movies, Halloween has undergone tremendous changes over recent year, including being glamorized and commercialized towards all READ MORE »

Bruce Elsass

Bruce Elsass Presenting Halloween

Noted Halloween Collector, Designer and Artist, Bruce Elsas, is now on stage with his rare collection of Halloween.

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