A vignette featured in the retail gallery for the 2016 Christmas Opening at Vaillancourt Folk Art in Sutton, MA.

A Christmas To Come Home To

'Twas the night before Christmas... well, let's be honest, you're a prepared shopper that counts down 'till Christmas starting the first week of November. We're in luck, because the first week of November was our 2016 Christmas Opening with Starlight Santa. The holiday season is READ MORE »

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Coupons and Promotions

We all love discounts, coupons, and promotions. But, unlike many retailers that superficially inflate their prices simply to sell it on sale, our American made Chalkware's price is based on the time it takes for our artists to hand paint each collectible. So, while we READ MORE »

The 2016 Christmas Buildings for Santa's Village

Santa’s Village: One of a Kind Christmas Buildings

Following up on our Haunted Halloween Houses we introduced in the fall, we're pleased to see that Santa's Village is festive for the holiday season. Today, we're offering a limited number of one of a kind Christmas buildings. Each building is hand painted with Christmas' READ MORE »

THE TWENTY-SEVENTH ANNUAL 2016 Starlight Santa, The American Santa in Chimney

The 27th Annual Starlight Santa: The American Santa in Chimney

As we celebrate 27 years of creating our annual Starlight Santa, we’re pleased to be introducing an American style Santa in chimney. While the shape is reminiscent of the traditional American Santa Claus, there is a hint of European—mostly Scandinavian—flare with the Santa’s coat color. READ MORE »


Vaillancourt Folk Art Prefers American Express

  As a small business in America, we think about every decision that goes into a purchase. From production through gift wrapping, every dollar counts and that is why we prefer American Express—and not just during #ShopSmall, every day. Not only does American Express help READ MORE »

Judi Vaillancourt decorating the annual Window Display for the 2016 Christmas Opening on Friday, November 4th.

Getting Ready For Christmas

#BehindTheScenes: Preparing For The Annual Christmas Opening With Starlight Santa The week before Halloween is often a time that parents are busy putting final touches on their children's costumes and making certain that their house is stocked with candy for the occasional trick or treaters. But, READ MORE »

Vaillancourt Folk Art is expanding its Chalkware Snowman Collection this Holiday Season.

Winter Is For Chalkware Snowmen

  Everyone loves a snowman. Whether it's to celebrate the Holidays or simply to be reminded of the joy of childhood in winter, the Snowman is an icon that cannot be overlooked. While we haven't introduced a new Snowman since 2015 with our Snowman With READ MORE »

The 2016 Christmas Catalog - Vaillancourt Folk Art's Chalkware and Ornament Line

2016 Christmas Catalog

We're happy to be introducing the 2016 Christmas Vaillancourt Folk Art Chalkware Catalog. If you've shopped us directly, you can expect your catalog to arrive in the mail by late October. If you'd like a copy, or have had a change in address, please update your READ MORE »

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