Glimmer Ornaments

Mouth blown and hand painted in a small Polish studio where glass making has been a tradition for generations, these glimmer ornaments are interpretations from the popular Chalkware figurines but with an added twist. Unlike the traditional matte ornaments, these glimmer ornaments fit into the contemporary vision of Christmas ornaments. Embellished with extensive glitters, these ornaments fit perfectly into anyone's ornament collection.

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VFA Nr. OR15505 (2015)
Add Shiny Santa with Tree on Sled To Cart
VFA Nr. OR14406 (2014)
Add Christmas Bulbs (Six Assorted Colors) To Cart
VFA Nr. OR13401 (2013)
Add Santa in Moon Ornament To Cart
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VFA Nr. OR13403 (2013)
Add Shiny Red Starlight Santa Ornament To Cart
VFA Nr. OR13404 (2013)
Add Santa on Zeppelin Ornament To Cart
VFA Nr. OR12304 (2012)
Add Santa in Red with Pineapple To Cart
VFA Nr. OR12305 (2012)
Add Santa with Gold Applecone To Cart
4 currently in stock.
VFA Nr. OR12404 (2012)
Add Pumpkin with Cat Hat To Cart
VFA Nr. OR12405 (2012)
Add Glimmer Jaguar Santa To Cart
VFA Nr. OR667BRS (2010)
Add Rabbit Bride (Frosted) To Cart
VFA Nr. OR667GRS (2010)
Add Rabbit Groom (Frosted) To Cart
VFA Nr. OR9644S (1999)
Add Decorative Silver Father Christmas To Cart
12 results found. Showing Page: 1 of 1

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