30th Anniversary Collection

As part of Vaillancourt Folk Art's 30th anniversary, we have selected twelve Santa's that, from 1984 through today, we felt were special and worth re-introducing as a special collection for 2014. This is offered both as a club and individually. Once the pieces are sold out, they will no longer be available for ordering. Join us in celebrating our 30th year with these very special pieces.

Pieces will appear here once they are available at the start of each month!

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VFA Nr. 30THCLUB (2014)
Learn About Complete 30th Anniversary Collection
VFA Nr. 2002-43 (2002)
Add Santa with Pickle in Sack To Cart
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VFA Nr. 573 (1992)
Learn About Santa in Sleigh with Reindeer
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VFA Nr. 558 (1991)
Learn About Weihnachtsmann Holding Rabbit
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VFA Nr. 529 (1988)
Learn About Santa on a Pig
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VFA Nr. 149 (1987)
Learn About Father Christmas Holding Boy
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VFA Nr. 117 (1986)
Learn About Saint Nicholas
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VFA Nr. 104DKBLUE (1985)
Learn About Russian Father Christmas
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