2014 Christmas Chalkware

For Vaillancourt Folk Art's 30th Anniversary, we are pleased to introduce our Chalkware line that has a lot of synergy with colors, style, and design. You will find a smart mix of classic shapes as well as some new that will sure to become a favorite. For those that have started collecting past exclusives, you'll find similar styles in this line that pair beautifully with the pieces of the past—yet, strong enough to stand out on their own. Enjoy the 2014 Christmas Chalkware line!

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VFA Nr. 14016 (2014)
Add To My Valentine To Cart
VFA Nr. 13058 (2014)
Add Santa Holding Tree of Ornaments To Cart
VFA Nr. 13049 (2014)
Add Glitzy Snowman To Cart
VFA Nr. 13062 (2014)
Add Glitzy Santa on Purple Moon To Cart
VFA Nr. 14031 (2014)
Add Jolly Santa To Cart
VFA Nr. 14032 (2014)
Add Santa in Blue Coat with Sack To Cart
VFA Nr. 14033 (2014)
Add Traditional Santa in Red Coat To Cart
VFA Nr. 14030 (2014)
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Learn About 25th Annual Starlight Santa on Scooter
VFA Nr. 14034 (2014)
Add Santa in Brown Coat To Cart
VFA Nr. 13076 (2014)
Add Santa in Peach Brocaded Coat To Cart
VFA Nr. 14039 (2014)
Add 30th Anniversary Santa To Cart
VFA Nr. 14035 (2014)
Add Small Santa Hugging Deer To Cart
VFA Nr. 14037 (2014)
Add Hunched Father Christmas To Cart
VFA Nr. 13075 (2014)
Add Santa in Burgundy Floral Coat To Cart
VFA Nr. 13057 (2014)
Add Santa in White Vine Coat To Cart
16 results found. Showing Page: 1 of 1